Promoting Adolescent Physical Activity

PAPA is a European-based project committed to enhancing young peoples’ health and well-being through positive experiences in sport. Seed funding for the project (approximately 3 million Euros) comes from a 4-year research grant from the European Commission (FP7 Health). The PAPA project will develop, deliver and evaluate a theoretically-grounded and evidence-based coach education programme first piloted in the UK and then rigorously tested in the UK, Norway, Spain, France and Greece.

Our goal is to:
Help grassroots coaches understand how they can foster quality motivation
Provide coaches with strategies for promoting a more empowering climate and making youth sport more engaging and enjoyable.
This should lead to a number of positive outcomes for young people, including:
– Improved Health
– Promoting physical activity
– Enhanced fitness levels
– Avoiding substance use (e.g., tobacco)
– Improved Well-being
– Enjoyment of sport
– Self-esteem
– Vitality
– Reduced anxiety

The project focused on football (soccer) and involved over 80 teams (and their coaches) and more than 1000 boys and girls between the ages of 10 and 14 years from the UK, Norway, Spain, France and Greece.

The project has the support of the national football associations in all five countries (The Football Association, The Football Association of Norway, Real Federación Española de Fútbol, Fédération Française de Football, and Hellenic Football Federation).