Keep youngster involved

The project Keep Youngsters Involved aims to find answers to this question. In many European countries we see that a lot of youngsters give up sport due to a lack of motivation, problems with school or job schedule or different interests. This project targets youngsters (12-19 years) in general and specifically those from lower socio-economic backgrounds.

The eight European) partners in this Erasmus+Sport project aim to increase and share knowledge on the ‘Keep Youngsters Involved in Sport’ topic. Together the partners selected and implemented the best grassroot sport products in the various European countries involved. Out of research, we identified thé most important 14 factors to prevent youngsters from dropping out and made them suitable for practical use. Sport professionals and volunteers (trainers, coaches) who work with youngsters can use the tools to keep youngsters more involved in sport in their sport clubs. By involving youngsters more actively, for instance by asking them what they like to do, listening to their needs, or giving them responsibilities in sport programmes, they will develop their own personal skills. At the same time, the project contributes to the active citizenship of young people, an active lifestyle and meeting physical activity guidelines.