Blockout dropout

The aim of the Block Out Dropout -project is to improve children’s and young people’s possibilities to practise sport activities on an equal basis, regardless of their background.

Furthermore, the aim is to encourage social inclusion and define different methods and develop tools in order to prevent the Dropout phenomenon. The cooperation between the sport clubs/associations and schools will be developed in order to support participation in sports and in a physically active lifestyle to prevent the dropout phenomenon in sports.

Young people ́s wellbeing is promoted by the project manysidedly by paying attention to the following various aspects: physical, mental and social wellbeing.

The following matters are essential in the implementation of the project:

  • Benchmarking of the knowhow between the project partners in order to prevent the dropout phenomenon in the children’s and young people’s sports activities
  • Developing new ideas and methods to prevent the Dropout phenomenon
  • The evaluation of the realisation of the project aims during the Project
  • The statement of the conclusions and further cooperation on the European level
  • Information on the activities of the project, realisation of the goals and further planning.