CGFS (Centro Giovanile di Formazione Sportiva – Youth Centre for Physical Training) is an association with a long experience in sport, camps and education, and has been active in Prato’s area (Tuscany, Italy) since 1962.

Every year about 7000 children and teenagers participate to the activities organized by CGFS ( Founded in 2004, CGFS’s objectives are the promotion of sport activities among children, adolescents up to 18 years old in Prato and surrounding areas. The CGFS executive board is composed by stakeholders in the local sports, including public authorities and private company representatives. CGFS employs 16 permanent staff and 120 professionals to lead and run courses and sport activities. In 2006, the Foundation for Rehabilitation of people with physical disabilities was created as a satellite foundation of CGFS ( The foundation employs 46 permanent staff including teachers and physiotherapists. The third entity that completes the CGFS group is CFGS srl. The company won in 2008 a tender to manage the 5 swimming facilities of Prato. CGFS srl currently employs 39 staff.

CGFS works closely with the municipality of Prato and surrounding areas in order to promote the benefits of physical activity and sports, the real values of sport and the social inclusion, by developing focused didactical initiatives which include formative games for the youngest, different sport disciplines for teenagers and camps.

CGFS relies on a solid management structure, qualified staff and a close collaboration with local institutions, Florence University (including the faculty of Scienze Motorie – Physical Education), local school districts and several sport clubs and associations.

CGFS has a great experience in carrying out numerous project and initiatives in collaboration with municipalities; an example is the project “Trofeo Città di Prato” ( which consist in 5000 hours that the schools of Prato can use for sport activities, educational and training courses for teachers or laboratories for the inclusion of children with disabilities.

Coordinator: Centro Giovanile di Formazione Sportiva – CGFS (Italy)

CGFS is the applicant of the ERASMUS+ Collaborative Partnerships NOVIS – No Violence in Sport (Contract n. 590827-EPP-1-2017-1-IT-SPO-SCP (2017-2687)), selected for EU co-funding in the Erasmus+ Sport programme 2017 (Collaborative Partnerships). The project started in January 2018 and will end in June 2020. The project partnership consist of 10 organisations (diferent organisations such as National Olympic Committee, sport clubs, associations active in the feld of sport, and regional authority) from 7 Members States (Italy, Romania, Netherland, Spain, Greece, Poland and Bulgaria). The overall purpose of the project is to prevent of and fight against incidents of violence, racism and any form of intolerance in sports, particularly in youth sport sectors and at amateur level.

The sports offer range of CGFS consists of a wide choice of the water-related activities, which addressed to different target: from 3-months newborns to aged people. We propose beside the swimming courses, also water-polo, synchronized swimming, triathlon, finswimming and aquafitness. The qualifications and the skills of the water activities technicians are the driving force of the formative offer and they are monitored and updated on regular basis thanks to the involvement of academic professionals.

Furthemore the Gym activities represent a flagship of CGFS’s offer that embraces different kind of sport and expressive activities for the kids and guys, like dancing, rhythmic gymnastics and all the disciplines related to artistic and mental field. Also the team sports play an important role for the activities proposed, in fact the main sports are volleyball and basketball, both supported by qualified federal coaches and teachers. Other opportunity is offered by courses of martial arts, like Fencing and Judo and by the teaching of combat Philosophies and fair fight.


Bulgarian Football Union is national football association responsible for the governance, development and promotion of football in Bulgaria. The BFU is a member of FIFA and UEFA and is licensed under the Bulgarian Ministry of Youth and Sport. The federation currently has approximately 160 paid employees.
The football clubs-members of the Bulgarian Football Union are 546, 30 of which are professional clubs and the rest with amateur status.

The Bulgarian Football Union is the organization on national level, which is in charge of the promotion of football in the country. As such, BFU is running on a yearly basis a few projects, aimed on the development of equal opportunities for all to practice the sport in a safe and attractive environment. Amateur sport is one of the pillars of the new BFU Vision 2018/22, including several different projects, such as “Football Fitness” (targeting adults to practice football for healthy lifestyle) and “Fun Football” (targeting kindergarten boys and girls).

The Bulgarian Football Union could contribute to the project in question, namely “Preventing Youth Sport Dropouts” (PYSD) with its expertise and experience on the field of developing athletes from a very early age to the professional level of football. The federation has a sophisticated system of competitions and tournaments under its umbrella, where young athletes are involved. Valuable and efficient researches on the problem of dropouts in different ages of football players in Bulgaria is missing though and this project could provide information, which can be used to create higher satisfaction rate amongst youngsters, involved in football and better training methodology for the coaches.

The Bulgarian Football Union has also experience in EU project, as one of the partner of the project LIASE (590614-EPP-1-2017-1-IE-SPO-SCP), 2017-2018. The project was created under the umbrella of Erasmus + and explores the relationship between clubs and supporters leading to better governance in football.

P3 Partner: Club Basquet Granollers (Spain)

Club Basquet Granollers is the official name of the basquetball club of the city of Granollers. It was founded in 1932 and is one of the oldest basketball clubs in Spain. In 1977 he won promotion to the top flight of Spanish basketball, where he remained until 1993. With 25 teams between men and women teams is one of the most important basketball teams in Spain.

CBG has long and wide experiences in collaborating with schools and municipalities in education and social programmes. Since 2001, CBG host one of the most important minibasket championship in Spain. For the last 6 years CBG hosted the conferences “Sport and values” with a very good success in terms of level of speakers and attendees. Every year CBG hosted three sport-education campus (christmas, Easter and summer). In 2015, Granollers has been “the city of basketball” in the region and championships and conferences has been hosted.

Nowaday, 28 trainers and a Board are involved in CBG with more than 300 young people playing (50% Girls). All the coaches of the CBG has coacher license. One of the primary goals of the CBG is the the social- emotional development of the youth athletes life skills are taught and not caught.
CBG has a strong collaboration with Sports Area of Municipality of Granollers as well as Catalan Basketball Federation mainly in all related with improving skills of trainers.

CBG has also a common programmes with primary and secondary schools at the city for promoting sport and healthy activities as well as with an Advanced expert in animation of physical and sport activities (TAFAD) Bachelor Center.
CBG has also experience in EU project: EUBeACtive Project (2014).

CBG is one of the partner of the ERASMUS+ Collaborative Partnerships NOVIS – No Violence in Sport (Contract n. 590827-EPP-1-2017-1-IT-SPO-SCP (2017-2687)), leaded by CGFS.

P4 Partner: Association “Sports Diagnostic Center Šabac” – SDCS

Association “Sports Diagnostic Center Šabac” is a voluntary, non-governmental and non-profit Association, established for an indefinite period in order to achieve goals in sport, physical education and recreation. Established 15.February 2011, is legalized by SBRA as association of professionals and has 23 members.
The goals of the Association are:

1. Professional support to development of sport
2. Professional support to development of physical education 3. Professional support to development of recreation
4. Development and promotion of sport and sports training, 5. Development and improvement of physical education,
6. Development and promotion of sport and recreation

The Association implement the following procedures:
1. Periodic monitoring of physical abilities, children, adolescents, adults and athletes
2. Sport form control of children, youth and athletes, the advisory role
3. Scientific Research
4. The publication of scientific research
5. Education of children, youth and athletes
6. The advisory role of sports coaches and physical education teachers
7. Connect and exchange information with domestic and foreign organizations and institutions in the field of sport, physical education and recreation
8. Computer documentation activities and maintaining databases

Among its main results:
Established sustainable system for periodic monitoring of physical abilities, children, adolescents, adults and athletes and established system for better control of sport form of children, youth and athletes, and creation of education system that will provide advisory role

  • Published scientific researches
  • Created sport documentation database
  • Building of facility for regional sport institute with local office, planned departments and sport training center
  • Good impact on postural status of children and youth
  • Manufacturing of sport measuring devices and softwares
  • Created partnerships and cooperation with domestic and foreign organizations form the field of

    sport, recreation and physical education

  • Created partnerships with producers of sport measuring devices
  • Work on partnerships and strengthening relations with local sport clubs, schools, Municipality, sport

    associations, sport organization, Ministry of sport and youth, National institute of sport and sport

    medicine, cross-border and regional cooperation

  • Giving support to young and unemployed faculty degree professionals (sport and physical education)

    to get working skills, competencies, experience and references, helping them in getting of scholarships and support in mobility

P5 Partner: Municipality of Prato

Prato is the third city of Central Italy, in terms of population. Historically its attitude to evolution and experimentation represents the added value of this city located so close to Florence. Sport is considered by the Municipality as a value and an asset that leads to increase the involvment of all people in multiple sports, sacrifying even some awards opportunities in order to spread the participation of as many citizens as possible. Nevertheless the relationship between Prato and sports is demonstrated by the high number of athletes and champions who have distinguished themselves in different disciplines and by many sports clubs, agencies and volunteers involved in different initiatives. Prato hosts about 50 federations, and over 100 sports facilities all over the city: swimming pools, tennis courts, football and five-a-side football fields, archery and shooting ranges, bocce courts, rugby fields, beach volley courts, street basket.

Municipality of Prato every year invests resources in sports activities which cover different disciplines, cultural interests and people of all ages, through a detailed timetable season by season. Presently, for instance, Prato has set the new sports programme for Spring and Summer 2018 with more than 30 events, from the International Half-Marathon of Prato city to Italian Handbike Tour.

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